Job Simulation or Situational Judgement Test Nursing NCC

5 Jan




This part of your application into Nursing is an exercise to identify what you would be most likely to do when presented with a typical nursing scenario. The exercise measures a range of skills and qualities deemed appropriate for a career in Nursing

You are asked to choose only ONE action in each case.

There are marks available for each answer option presented – but higher marks go to most appropriate actions

Be Honest and chose what you would do based on the information provided

Situational Judgement tests will often assess the following

Verbal Communication

Ability to take responsibility

Ability to cope with Stress

Assertiveness / Critical Thinking / Problem Solving

Calm and Competent Patient Care

Developing Patient Relationships

Self Awareness & Personal Development

Reflective Practice

Patient Customer Service

Verbal & Numerical Reasoning will test Cognative ability

Skills Questionnaire & Situational Judgment tests  will measure attitudes associated with for example honesty & dependability, ability to prioritise in high stress situations, conflict resolution, relaying of important information, judgment, engaging with difficult people.




Test Your Emotional Intelligence: Philip Carter

How to Pass Numerical Reasoning tests Heidi Smith

How to Master Nursing Calculations, John Tyreman

How to Pass Numeracy tests Harry Tolley, Ken Thomas

The Numeracy Test Workbook: John Byron

Numerical Reasoning Tests Heidi Smith


On the day of your test bring the following:

  1. A printed off copy of your invite
  2. Photographic evidence of identity – passport / drivers licence
  3. 1 Recent passport photo with CAO number and your signature on the back
  4. 2 soft pencils
  5. 1 eraser
  6. 1 pencil sharpener



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