More hints for Mature Applicants into Nursing – The Skills / Experience Questionnaire

4 Jan




The purpose of this questionnaire is to compare your preferences with characteristics that are deemed necessary for nursing



This is a sample of a personality type questionnaire and given to you for guidance purposes only. You will find others on the internet also

Your skills/experience questionnaire will be much shorter

If you complete this questionnaire you will get a summary report at the end

You will note that the same question can be asked a number of times in slightly different formats. This is to clarify your responses.


Click on the following link:


–        Read through the information on types of questionnaire, rating statements and making choices

–        Go to the bottom of the page and click on personality questionnaire

–        The questionnaire will take at least 20 minutes

–        Answer the questions honestly



You have thirty five minutes to complete 68 questions.

If there is time left over at the end you may be allowed to complete the skills/ experience questionnaire

The questionnaire is designed to assess your interests, experiences & achievements


This Questionnaire is about you and your experiences, interests and achievements.  The purpose of collecting this information is to compare your preferences with characteristics that we have identified as being necessary for this profession, in a way that is fair and consistent with everyone.


This questionnaire will be scored the same way for all applicants.  The scoring system is designed to avoid discriminating against groups within the applicant population e.g. males, females, people of different ages, etc.’  


–        Not all the questions score. 

–        There is no obvious way of determining which responses will attract the most points. 

–        The marks awarded are driven by preferences, with the least marks being awarded to the least preferred responses, and the most marks being awarded to the most preferred responses. 

–        Be as honest as possible when answering the questions.  


© Mary Hosty January 2012





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